The Directorate of Repositories, Multimedia and Scientific Publishing (Berlian Press) is a scientific publishing company established in Indonesia under Berlian Pustaka Indonesia which also collaborates with the Institute of Technocrats Research and Publishing. Our primary work revolves around planning, acquiring, designing, and distributing scientific knowledge to society. Berlian Press has also collaborated with various researchers and academics as well as global publishers to publish high-quality publications that have passed a thorough quality control mechanism and editorial process, including peer review.

Berlian Press implements an open access scheme for all books it publishes. Berlian Press has a program that aims to collect, store, publish and disseminate various local wisdom owned by certain communities or societies through open access. This program is one of Berlian Press' contributions in supporting the development of superior and intelligent Indonesian human resources through the provision and dissemination of credible and innovative science or technology.

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Become a professional and trusted publisher in the fields of publishing and research nationally and internationally.


1. Manage research activities, application and development of information system-based science and technology in various fields of science.
2. Building scientific awareness through continuous publication of information.
3. Develop human resources who are strong, have integrity and are innovative.
4. Organizing research and training to answer various problems in the future as a form of community service.
5. Manage cooperation programs through the use of science, technology and other resources through collaboration between institutions to support improving the quality of life of the community.


Realizing the publication of various scientific works as a form of scientific development for scholars and students both nationally and internationally.